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Project "website for each university professor"

Lost in the information revolution taking place in the world, and in accordance with the strategic plan of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, to build a community of knowledge and related means of communication and information technology and bridging the digital divide: deliberately National Information Technology Center to submit a project proposal for the Jordanian National Commission for Education, Culture and Science for submission to UNESCO for funding under the program for contributing Member States for the years 2008-2009.
In the history of 12/8/2009 approved to provide support worth $ 8500.

Of the objectives of the draft website for each professor:

·    Provide data base for the compilation and dissemination of scientific production bumper of different sectors of education deployed at home.

·         Activating the role of the universities to enrich the digital content

·         Definition of the local community and global diversity of the number of researchers to the Jordanians and obtaining advanced degrees in Jordanian universities

·         Awareness of Jordanian society the quality and quantity of production of scientific research published on the site

·         Coverage of various disciplines and areas of available scientific Jordanian universities

·         Highlight the role of professors in the development of Jordanian society.

·         Closer links and ties between Jordanian universities and professors, non-Jordanian universities in the long run.



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